Welcome to my website.

This is a website featuring my own photographs of cars all over the United Kingdom. Please feel free to browse the site, more content dating from the last 20 years will be uploaded, those latest updates will eventually appear on this page below this message. The site is still under construction, so expect to see new content and considerable improvements over the next few months.

1992 to 2003 Scrapyard shots

3 pages of scrapyard photographs taken on 35mm film from 1992 onwards. Please explore the scrapyard tab above for all images.
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Festival of the Unexceptional 2014

Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional, held near Silverstone. It’s a Concours de l’Ordinare collection of the mundane and ordinary cars from the past.
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Retro rides Gathering 2014

Over 300 photos of the 2014 event at Selsey Walsh in Worcester for the annual Retro Gathering.
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Race Retro 2011

On track action of the 2011 Race Retro event.
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Old cars in Corfu

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A selection of shots taken in Corfu, documenting examples of older cars and vans in use on the island.
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A roadside view of older but well used cars, vans and trucks on the Island of Mauritius. Taken in 2007. As an increasing level of prosperity and commerce has taken over the island, the use of older cars have noticeably decreased in recent years. Certain models, usually British assembled classics from the 60’s have a classic cache value, but the majority of older cars are still used as basic transport. There’s still a thriving trade in reconditioning older cars, usually fitting non standard parts and engines to offer those who simply need transport. The Island still has a surprising number of unusual and eclectic selection of cars, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re consigned to history.
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A lazy sunny afternoon nearly Henley, Oxfordshire at the long running Volkswagen show at Stonor Park.
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Race Retro 2010

Race Retro 2010, Stoneleigh, UK
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Towncross Engineering South Downs Stages @ Goodwood 2013

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2014 Toyota Enthusiast Club AGM @ Billing

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