Rambler, Nash, Jeep & AMC

Rambler were an independent concern, when they were bought by Nash allowing both brands being used alongside each other. The company was then merged with AMC (American Motors Corporation) and Hudson dropping both the Nash and Hudson brands but now incorporating Jeep, Rambler and AMC. A varied and stylish collection of cars emerged, appealing more to European eyes, due to the relatively compact dimensions have sporadically appeared since 1955. Rambler also distributed a small number of Renault assembled cars to the UK in the 60’s. An unsuccessful Rambler partnership with Renault in the late 80’s resulted with a Chrysler buyout and subsequent demise. AMC sales were sporadic in the UK with a small amount of cars available in the early 70’s and again in the mid 70’s. Jeep attempted to maintain a sell cars here in 1977 and again in 1984, but were far more successful in 1993 with a permanent dealer network set across the UK.