1975 Datsun 180B Estate

The Datsun 160B/180B (610 Series) Bluebird was a stragically important model in the UK. It was introduced in 1972 and it replaced the virtually unknown 1400/1600 (510 series). It’s main UK competitor was the Ford Cortina, which at the time was becoming the UK best selling car. When the new Bluebird (badged as the 1595cc […]


The 1970’s best selling UK cars

Background The 1970’s was mixed bag of fortunes for both UK manufacturers and consumers. Huge gains were made from post war developments, such as exports, road development, advances in technology and safety but by 1970 the once prosperous British car industry had lost ground. An increasing number of the public could now afford to buy […]


Hot Wheels Escort Vs Corgi Juniors Escort

Mattel, the parent company of the Hot Wheels brand started producing toy cars in 1968 and revolutionised the small scale 1/64 die-cast toy industry. At the time the export market was mostly capatalised by British toy car makers, such as Lesney’s Matchbox Toys, Dinky Toys and Mettoys Corgi. The innovative use of Hot Wheels low […]


Audi Quattro Rooms

As part of Audi UK’s flagship showroom in West London, just before the M4 merges into the A4 in London, Audi have dedicated an area for a range of classic and racing models from Audi’s past. Three showroom floors will have space to display 116 cars, while The Audi Quattro rooms on floors four and […]


Atwell Wilson Motor Museum

Based in Wiltshire UK, the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum is typical of the UK car museums, organised and run by enthusiast and passionate motorheads. There is wide scope of cars, motorbikes, mopeds and push bikes on display, many in working order from the 1920’s onwards. The museum is complemented by motoring memorabilia and helpful staff. The […]


Sydney-London Classic Marathon Rally 2014

Owing its name to the famous rally of the early 70’s, the Sydney-London Classic Marathon doesn’t quite cross as many countries as the original but the originality makes up for it. A mixture of well tried rally heroes like the Datsun 240Z, Ford Escorts and Porsche 911’s were joined by Holdens, Volvos and Ford Mustangs, […]


Renault 15

The roots of the Renault 15 (and its sportier twin sister the 17) can be traced back to the Renault Caravelle. The Caravelle was an attractive coupe, typical of the era. Its chic attractive lines were perfect for shopping on the Champs-Élysées and leisure pursuits and Renault had correctly assumed that is what the image […]


Alan Thomas’ KPGC10 Nissan Skyline

This was the first Skyline GT-R, known by the internal Nissan designation PGC10 and was exclusive sold through the Nissan Prince Store, a legacy of the Prince company who’d become integrated into Nissan operations in 1966. It was available originally as a four-door sedan after its public debut at the October 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. […]


Opel Kadett (1985)

The aerodynamic abilities of a car was by now commonplace as part of the cars marketing, often enhancing both fuel economy and performance. The Opel Kadett was this time simultaneously released at the same time as its UK Vauxhall badged Astra, as well as the usual General Motors local market versions for other parts of […]


Fiat Uno (1984)

The Giugiaro styled Uno was distinctive for its upright and glassy design, which became a huge influence in car styling over the next decade. The packaging of the car, combined with the agile handling and comfortable ride soon became the new face of Fiats design language for the 80’s and Fiat were rewarded with huge […]