Audi 100 (1983)

Audi who had become known for their aerodynamic development, released the advanced looking Audi 100 in 1982. Its record breaking drag co-efficiency, with flush fitting glass and new engines allowed impressive performance with excellent fuel economy. The Audi 100 also benefited from Audi’s comprehensive safety procon-ten system, a cable tension system to activate seat belts, […]


Renault 9 (1982)

Renault were developing a new series of cars for the 80’s, a series of typically conservative designs but helped by showroom appeal and a hint of potential shaped up the 4 door saloon and its later 11 hatchback sibling. Renault had a truly global presence, so would often have to consider attributes for almost every […]


Ford Escort (1981)

The new Ford Escort was a monumental car for Ford, as it took on the mantle of being Ford volume seller and Europes most popular car. It featured a new range of low maintenance CVH engines, with a wide range of attractive body styles. One very noticeable aspect of the rear hatchback design was the boot […]


Lancia Delta (1980)

Lancia first small 5 door hatchback opened up a new market to the manufacturer, and the smallest sized Lanica since the Fulvia coupe. The design brief was to produce a FWD premium hatchback based on the Fiat Ritmo platform. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Italdesign, the car was appreciated for its clean uncluttered modern lines helped by the unique […]


Chrysler Horizon (1979)

While the previous winner of the car of the year would be out of the reach of the majority of the car buying public, some order was restored for the 1979 winner – the Horizon. Like the Simca 1307/1308 the car was a product of a conglomerate of European companies. Chrysler, the parent company was […]


Porsche 928 (1978)

Porsche original design intention was to  replace the rear engined 911, with this new upmarket luxury V8 GT car. The 911’s sales were gradually slowing down and the rear engine layout as discovered by Volkswagen, had limitations of flexibility, as well as prohibitive space issues. The all alloy front mounted V8 was mated to a rear […]


Rover 3500 (1977)

Launched during a turbulent time for it parent company, much promise was pinned on the new design. It replaced both Rover and Triumph flagship cars, and was to use a wide range of engines options. David Bache was responsible for the styling, said to have been inspired by the Ferrari Daytona. While its predecessor was […]