Citroen GS (1971)

Years Produced: Production: Launch Price: Engine: Drivetrain: 1970-1986 2, 473, 150 (total) £1001 1015cc flat four Front engined FWD A new innovative period for Citroen was kicked off by their new family sized car for the 70’s, the Citroen GS.  Citroen had already created ground breaking stylish and comfortable design with their larger DS models, […]


Fiat 128 (1970)

Years Produced: Production: Launch Price: Engine: Drivetrain: 1969-1984 2, 776,000 (total) £871 1116cc in-line four Front engined FWD Fiat had become known for perfecting the small rear engined rear wheel drive car which allowed millions of people all over the world to become mobile, but it was the introduction of the 128 in 1969 that […]


Peugeot 504 (1969)

Years Produced: Production: Launch Price: Engine: Drivetrain: 1966-1977 3, 073, 185 (total) £1500 1971cc in-line four Front engined RWD   Peugeot had created a series of cars that may not have had the very latest in engineering and innovation, like their fierce competitors Citroen and Renault but what Peugeot offered was a reputation for ruggedness and reliability. […]


NSU Ro80 (1968)

Years Produced: Production: Launch Price: Engine: Drivetrain: 1966-1977 37, 204 (total) £2249 1990cc twin rotor Front engined FWD NSU had been developing Wankel engines throughout the 1960’s, but it was launch of their executive saloon in 1968 that the brand became famous for. The car not only featured a brand new twin rotor 995cc (equivalent […]


Fiat 124 (1967)

The Fiat 124 was designed by the company technical director Oscar Montabone and his team, the car owes something to the Simca 1000, a rear engined boxy design which also had design development by Montabone. It was a conventionally engineered car, utilising a front engined layout using a new series of engines. Several body styles […]


Renault 16 (1966)

  The 16 wasn’t quite Renaults first FWD car (that honour went to the utilitarian 4) but the car of the year can easily lay claim as the first high volume selling car to be marketed as a hatchback. Designed as a spacious, comfortable autoroute cruiser, its clever packaging and practical design meant that the […]


BMC 1800 (1965)

The official car of the years awards arrived too late for the 1959 Mini, some 5 years prior to the first award being announced. Its quite likely that the Mini could have easily claimed the prize, similarly the 1100/1300 series may have also laid claim to the 1962 prize had it been offered. It seemed […]


Rover 2000 (1964)

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s Rover had developed a reputation for producing well respected but conservatively styled cars for the middle classes. In the background however, Rover were experimenting with revolutionary concepts such as gas turbine cars, this confidence and technical expertise suggested that Rover were likely to use this innovation and knowhow on […]