Simca was founded in 1934 and initially produced Fiats under licence, this connection to Fiat lasted well into the 60’s. Simca then started to develop their own designs, a series of solid if conservative looking family cars. American Chrysler took control of the company in 1963. First imports of Simca’s arrived in the UK in 1953 and developed a reasonable following. The brand faded away by the late 70’s with the Rootes/Chrysler/Peugeot brand consolidation and the last Simca badged car left the factory in 1981. Matra first arrived in the UK in 1969, by which time they were controlled by Simca/Chrysler. Imports hindered by the early cars still using the LHD layout, the brand ended in 1983 but the factory continued to be used by Renault.

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